NBC Shocks Everybody By Giving ‘Timeless’ A Second Season Only Days After It Was Canceled

NBC can make time for Timeless, after all. In what’ll sound like borderline miraculous news for fans of the recently axed series, the rookie series is returning for a second season.

The Hollywood Reporter reports (as they are wont to do from Hollywood) that Timeless is returning to the Peacock Network just days after the same network decided to part ways with the sci-fi time-travel drama. It wasn’t unreasonable to imagine Timeless and its stars Abigail Spencer, Malcolm Barrett and Matt Lanter could see a second season on a different network, but this sort of reverse course renewal from the same network? That’s wild. And the sort of thing that stings like a dagger in the hearts of die-hard fans of other canceled too soon shows. (WHERE WAS THIS THINKING WHEN M.A.N.T.I.S. WAS ON THE AIR?)

What caused the change in plans? The show’s producer/distributing partner Sony TV pushed hard for the show’s continued existence, according to THR. The independent studio reportedly offered “the lion’s share of the profits to NBC” with the belief that the series can morph into a long-running franchise. The strategy on how to get there sounds like it means bit of a series tweak. Co-creators/co-showrunners Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan have pitched season 2 as a more family friendly approach and word has it that an 8 p.m. timeslot is being eyed for the show’s return. When’s that? Sometime in 2018 (likely spring or summer) with a current 10 episode run planned.

Matt Lanter was more than happy to share the undeadening news on Facebook…

Shawn Ryan made a point to give a certain SNL star an important heads up message.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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