NBC orders Rob Lowe’s pilot ‘The Pro’

01.23.14 5 years ago

NBC orders Rob Lowe’s pilot “The Pro”
Lowe is set to return to NBC’s sitcom lineup, playing a former tennis pro who reunites with his former partner.

Marvel’s Deathlok is joining “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”

J. August Richards’ character will be transformed into the super cyborg next month.

Justin Bieber is being represented by a “Real Housewives” husband

“Real Housewives of Miami” star Lea Black’s husband, Roy, has decided to take on Bieber’s arrest.

Florida Marlins president is in hot water over his “Survivor” bio

In his biography posted on “Survivor’s” website, David Samson says, “Personal Claim to Fame: Got local government in Miami to contribute over 350 million dollars to a new baseball park during the recession.”

Jay Leno tells “60 Minutes” he was “blindsided” by his 1st “Tonight Show” exit
He also says that he hated being portrayed as the villain in NBC’s spat with Conan O’Brien.

Happy 40th birthday, Tiffani Thiessen!

“Saved by the Bell’s” Kelly Kapowski is now in her 40s. PLUS: Mr. Belding joins “Saved by the Bell” musical parody.

Goodbye to “Community’s” Troy

Celebrate Donald Glover’s final episode with his funniest moments. PLUS: The best of Troy crying.

Bill Cosby should look at Tim Allen’s sitcom comeback success

The former “Home Improvement” star has quietly had a solid following on Friday nights with “Last Man Standing,” which is ABC’s 3rd highest-rated sitcom. PLUS: What would “The Cosby Show” be like in 2014?

Teen who stole Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini gets life in prison

Max Wade, 19, was convicted of trying to kill the boyfriend of the girl he liked — an act that led to the discovery of Fieri’s Lamborghini in a storage locker.

Ex-CIA spy Valerie Plame says “Homeland” jumped the shark

Plame, who was outed as a spy during the Bush administration, says: “I think they have jumped the shark this season.”

HBO is developing “The Couple” from Spike Lee
The Black & Sexy TV web series follows the adventures of a black couple.

Lessons from watching A&E’s “Wahlburgers”

Mark Wahlberg is using his burger reality show to celebrate “Entourage.”

“Revenge” gives Charlotte a new love interest

Introducing Henri Esteve.

“Mad Men” meets “Benson”

What if the ’80s sitcom was mashed up with the AMC series?

Why a gay “Bachelor” would never work

A gay “Bachelor” would be too boring for mainstream viewers.

British TV is promoting the Super Bowl by teaching viewers how to call in sick

Super Bowl kickoff in the UK is 11:30 pm.

“Reign” returns

What to expect from the CW series as it begins its 2014 run.

What would “Game of Thrones” look like if it were set in feudal Japan?
A “Thrones” has drawn his own version of a Japanese “Game of Thrones.”

See the “Kitten Bowl” in action

Here’s a preview of the Hallmark Channel event, starring Howard Stern’s wife.

“The Mentalist” casts a romantic partner for Teresa Lisbon
Pedro Pascal will guest on the CBS drama.

Watch the 1st official “Salem” trailer
Shane West stars in this gory WGN America video.

Here’s Raj with his new “Big Bang” love interest

“Lost” alum Tania Raymond makes her debut on the Feb. 6 episode.

“The Vampire Diaries” hits 100 episodes
The writers recall their biggest debates over the past five seasons. PLUS: How much longer can “Vampire Diaries” keep the vampire genre interesting?

“Rake” starring Greg Kinnear is afraid of its own broadcast TV antihero
“As currently constructed,” says Andy Greenwald, this clumsy American version (of the Autralian show ‘Rake’) clearly looked to House M.D. as an example of how to make an antihero work on broadcast TV. But that show’s dark lead was a better, and more simply drawn binary: Gregory House was a miracle worker as a doctor and a disaster as a human. Rake, by contrast, is a series so desperate for us to love its antihero and simultaneously terrified of his rough edges that it chases after him with a lathe.” PLUS: It’s an overly familiar character study, and “Rake” isn’t a bad show — it just doesn’t have the courage of its convictions.

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