NBC renews ‘About a Boy’

05.09.14 4 years ago

NBC renews “About a Boy”
The midseason comedy has been doing well, attracting 8.3 million viewers.

Casey Affleck will star in HBO”s “Lewis and Clark” miniseries
He”ll play explorer Meriwether Lewis in a six-hour miniseries based on the Stephen E. Ambrose book “Undaunted Courage.” Brad Pitt, Tom Hanks and Ed Norton will serve as producers.

Check out Rainn Wilson and his “Backstrom” cast
“The Office” alum is starring in “Bones” creator Hart Hanson”s “subversive and comic crime procedural” along with Dennis Haysbert, Thomas Dekker, Page Kennedy and Kristoffer Polaha.

Jon Hamm took a selfie with a wax Don Draper
Hamm today helped unveil Madame Tussauds wax figure of his famous “Mad Men” character. PLUS: Hamm had “SNL”s” 2nd-biggest head.

241 baby girls were named Khaleesi in 2013
The “Game of Thrones” influence has propelled Khaleesi above such names as Pamela, Janet, Joan and Stacy. About 1,135 girls were named Arya last year, but that may not be entire attributable to the HBO series.

“Trophy Wife” shouldn”t have been canceled – it was the best new show of this season
“From the start,” says Willa Paskin, “'Trophy Wife' was burdened with a junky name and a bogus time slot. The sweet family comedy would have been a perfect fit after ABC”s hit 'Modern Family,' a perch it never got. Instead, the Sarah Haskins comedy about a young woman who marries into a complex family-a man, his two ex-wives, and three children-had to go it alone and had the poor ratings to prove it.”

Discovery to air a “Russian Yeti” special
The June special will explore the disappearance of nine college students in Russia in 1959 who were allegedly killed by the folk tale creature.

“Saturday Night Live” is turning into “Saturday Night Pretaped”
“SNL” seems to have placed a special emphasis on pretaped videos over dangerous live sketches this season, perhaps because of all the new cast members. As Erik Voss points out, “there have been far fewer standout moments from the live portions of the show. Other than Weekend Update – still a fairly reliable vehicle for topical jokes and character monologues – the other live sketches seem to be fading into the periphery, with the longtime SNL crutch of talk shows, game shows, and press conferences filling in the cracks between bland setups and odd character pieces that never quite take off.” PLUS: Jay Pharoah created a freestyle rap over Drake”s “Draft Day,” and Will Forte once threw food out of 30 Rock.

Connie Chung brought medical marijuana named after her to “Watch What Happens Live”
Chung, accompanied by husband Maury Povich, also did a shot and drank three glasses of wine.

Lisa Kudrow can”t remember making “Friends” when she watches old episodes
Kudrow last night talked with Craig Ferguson about the 10th anniversary of the series finale.

Questlove”s new VH1 show “Soundclash” will feature Lil” Wayne, Fall Out Boy, Ed Sheeran
Each week, three artists will perform simultaneously on one stage as part of the Questlove-produced series.

Introducing the Kim Kardashian Cheese Pizza
An Italian restaurant owner in Scotland has been baking celebrity faces into pizza.

Disney XD renews “Lab Rats”
The sci-fi teen comedy returns for a 4th season.

“Survivor”s” Coach welcomes a daughter
Benjamin Wade”s wife gave birth to Lenna Marie Newton Wade on Thursday.

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