Neil Patrick Harris: Hosting the Oscars is on my bucket list

Neil Patrick Harris: Hosting the Oscars is on my bucket list

Though he’s worried about the scrutiny, he says: “I would think hosting the Oscars would be a great bucket list check-off.”

Ranking all 30 “Game of Thrones” episodes
“The Rains of Castamere” comes in at No. 3 in this Buzzfeed list. PLUS: “Game of Thrones” vs. “Lord of the Rings,” watch the “Khaleesi” play the “Thrones” theme on the piano, how “Jaime Lannister” acts without a hand, “Tywin Lannister” on the Red Wedding, “GoT” parenting tips, “Arya Stark” on the season finale, the nudity by the numbers, and “GoT” finale breaks piracy record.

“Veronica Mars” film adds Christine Lakin
The “Step by Step” star originally appeared in the 14th episode of Season 1.

Check out “Game of Thrones'” Michelle Fairley on “Suits”
Exec producer Aaron Korsh says: “We’re huge ‘Game of Thrones’ fans – we talk about it, we watch it, we love it.”

Group of U.S. senators urges Nickelodeon to drop junk food ads

If Nick doesn’t comply, could a ban on junk food ads be in the works?

“TMZ” the TV show releases “Black Baby” video it was afraid to show

TMZ filmed this segment months ago but shelved fearing it would be accused of racism.

Conan writer Deon Cole debuts his “Black Box” on TBS
How did Cole end up becoming a frequent presence on “Conan”?

Lorne Michaels sells HBO a comedy starring 2 ex-Jimmy Fallon writers
Diallo Riddle and Bashir Salahuddin will play reporters in Atlanta.

Why “Mad Men’s” Bob Benson may not be what you think he is
Last night’s reveal could be another case of Matthew Weiner’s misdirection. PLUS: Benson was unbelievable, and Benson: The Investigation.

Simon Cowell is getting skinny

“The X Factor” star’s ex-girlfriend has reportedly helped lose a lot of weight.

How Guillermo Diaz deals with all the “Scandal” shockers
“I’m nervous every time we’re going to start a new episode,” he says, “because I never know if I’m going to have to be naked, if I’m going to be waterboarded, if I’m going to have to walk into a house where everyone’s dead, and have to have these emotions ready.”

Dr. Drew baffled that people hold him accountable for “Celebrity Rehab” deaths
“They think I’m a millionaire and they think I am, like, rampaging or exploiting people to maintain that,” he says. “And that could not be farther from the truth.”

Jay Leno is a pioneer in his use of 3-D printing
He uses a 3-D printer to print out parts for his various cars.

Andy Richter moving after his parked car was hit by drunk drivers
The “Conan” sidekick has experienced damage to his car a lot since moving on to a busy street 11 years ago.

HBO’s Pussy Riot documentary doesn’t go in-depth
Tonight’s film “Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer” is more like “Pussy Riot: The Telemovie.”

What John Oliver learned shadowing Jon Stewart on “The Daily Show”
“His management skills, which I guess people have no reason to take any interest in, are just incredible,” says Oliver. He builds this whole machine, all the cogs which work to get this show on the air each day. It all comes from his management. He oversees everything. When you’re getting ready to put yourself in his shoes for awhile. . . It is pretty amazing the things those shoes can do.” PLUS: “The Daily Show” needs his outsider’s perspective, and watch Oliver’s best “Daily Show” moments.

“King & Maxwell” has good chemistry, bad storylines

The TNT series starring Rebecca Romijn and Jon Tenney, says Verne Gay, “is a cop show where everything has been thrown into a blender and — after a few minutes on high — is ready to be poured down the throat of the viewer. The dialogue’s preposterous, the plot ludicrous, and the premise as fresh as a wrung-out old mop.” PLUS: Too much “Moonlighting.”