New Blog Captures Horrifying ‘S–t People Say to Women Directors’

04.29.15 3 years ago

Golden Globes

Despite the protestations of a very vocal minority, sexism is still alive and well in America today. No, women in the USA aren”t being beaten in the streets (often) or forced into marriage, but shockingly that”s not where the misogyny train starts and ends. It”s actually possible to not physically assault women but still “other” them to the point of being reduced to objects and/or hysterical alien creatures.

It happens everyday, in every field of industry. Usually these microaggressions are written off as the cost of being a woman who leaves the house and engages in society. Then along comes something like “Sh*t People Say To Women Directors (And Other Women In Film)” to turn over the rock of sexism and let all the creepy-crawlies burn in the light of day.

Grab a glass or three of wine, brace for impact, and dive into the world of women trying to make it in Hollywood.

Still not depressed enough? Head over to Sh*t People Say To Women Directors and question if you fell through a wormhole to an alternate 1950 where the Internet has already been invented.

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