New images from Susanne Bier’s ‘Serena’ with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper

The last thing I heard about Susanne Bier's long-awaited “Serena” is that certain parties involved didn't want the film released in 2013. I have no idea if it's a bad film or not and would have hurt the Oscar prospects of Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence in “American Hustle,” but it remains quite strange that a film starring that hot a duo coming off “Silver Linings Playbook” still hasn't been released, nor (at least) landed a release date.

It's also been in post-production for a long while, however, and films can be fashioned out of trouble with the right editorial care. Just ask, well, “American Hustle.” I'm a big Susanne Bier fan (she took home the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar a few years back for “In a Better World” – more awards cache for the film) and I'm intrigued by this story, set in Depression Era North Carolina and based on the Ron Rash book about timber magnate George Pemberton (Cooper) and his wife (Lawrence). So here's hoping it finds its way into the light of day soon enough.

Meanwhile, the film's production designer, Richard Bridgland, apparently made a post somewhere along the line with new images that have been picked up at this outlet and that this week. The imagery is evocative and certainly shows off his work very well. Check out those pics below and tell us what you think.

“Serena” will hit theaters…someday.