‘Justice League’ Pits The Heroes Against The Darkness In Its Latest Trailer

The latest Justice League trailer has arrived and while our heroes are together as a team, they seem to know that they aren’t enough to win the day against the “darkness” that is invading Earth. While the spoilers are prevalent in the trailer, we do get a better hint that Superman isn’t actually as dead as he seems and Bruce Wayne realizes that he needs to bring him back to win the day. This is daunting, especially when you see the evil forces that are invading the planet and tearing things apart.

The arrival of Steppenwolf and the Parademons is sort of like a mix between Lord Of The Rings and Avengers, with what looks like the Amazons having a hand in turning Steppenwolf into the monstrous form we see battling the League later in the trailer. It might not be, but there is definitely some sort of transformation going on mid-way through this trailer that someone will be combing through in anticipation of the November release date.

Away from the action and battle for Earth, Lois Lane is still reeling from the death of Superman in Batman V Superman, dreaming about Clark in his cornfield, their planned marriage, and his absence. You have to think she’s going to be a little upset to find out he’s been alive this entire time, at least that’s what the real reaction should be. Knowing how these movies typically roll, we’ll likely spend the entire movie facing flashbacks and sadness before the return by the end of the film.

A problem about trying to guess what is going to happen in Justice League and where it is going from here lies in how much has changed since Zack Snyder left the project. Are we still looking at a two part film? Is it even part of the greater DC film universe at this point? Was it all really a joke? There is a second Justice League film on the schedule and it might tie into this one, but who knows? It does at least look entertaining.

(Via Warner Bros.)