Luke Cage, self-proclaimed ‘not the hero type,’ gets all heroic in new trailer

With Luke Cage“s debut less than four days away, Netflix has unveiled a new trailer for the first season of their series about the Harlem-born man with unbreakable skin.

Rosario Dawson”s nurse Claire, who won everyone over back in season 1 of Daredevil is here chatting with Luke in a diner, and she”s practically giddy about what Power Man can do. Here”s a vigilante she”ll never have to stitch up, one she doesn”t have to worry about getting beaten and bruised and shot at like a certain blind crime-fighter she forced herself not to fall for.

Also in this trailer: more footage of Mahershala Ali”s gangster villain, Cornell “Cottonmouth” Stokes, and Alfre Woodard”s Mariah Dillard, a politician and cousin of Cottonmouth in the series (not the same character she played in Captain America: Civil War).

Plus: hoodie swaps and chess metaphors: 

Luke Cage premieres on Netflix this Friday, September 30.