The ‘Powerpuff Girls’ in-your-face feminism is back for a whole new generation!

Ahhhh, the Powerpuff Girls. A show that taught a generation of children – and adults who enjoy nuanced animated stories – about the power of feminism. A show that deconstructed gender norms on a regular basis. From single dad The Professor loving to bake and genderfluid HIM sporting a tutu to Ms. Bellum”s subversive take on the hot secretary and Bubbles proving you can be feminine and fearless, PPG was overstuffed with some really progressive messages.

From the looks of the first clip, the new version of the show is picking up right where its predecessor left off. When a “manly” lumberjack villain looks for a “manly” fight, he gets Buttercup instead. He probably shouldn”t have disparagingly called her “princess.”

Don't Call Me Princess from Cartoon Network PR on Vimeo.

To be fair, Princess Morbucks is a little snot and anyone in the PPG universe would be justifiably upset to be associated with the supervillain. But hey, teaching a generation of girls not to take condescending nicknames lying down – and teaching boys not to do it – is a step in the right direction regardless!