New ‘SPECTRE’ trailer finally connects the dots for James Bond

Yep. That's almost exactly what I expected from the new “SPECTRE” trailer, and that's very much what you should expect from the film itself.

This is going to be a companion piece to “Skyfall” in every way. Ralph Fiennes is in place as the new “M,” Moneypenny is voluntarily on a desk job (sometimes), Q has his gadget division up and running, and James Bond has his license to kill.

Only he doesn't, because as with every single Daniel Craig film so far, Bond finds himself at odds with MI6 and basically working to his own ends. What this trailer makes clear, though, is that James Bond is the center of the universe, and instead of just being a spy who is sent on missions, it appears that every single mission we've seen since Craig took the role has been anything but random.

This new trailer finally gives us a glimpse of Christoph Waltz as the big bad guy who seems to be the head of SPECTRE, and it's clear from the moment in the trailer where we see Waltz's face for the first time that Bond recognizes him. How are they linked? Well, that's the question that this film will hopefully answer.

It's fun to see Dave Bautista being a big giant massive bag of badass, and it's always a good time if Monica Bellucci's getting zipped out of elegant evening wear. The stunts look big, the world of the film looks crisply designed, and many of the stylistic signatures of the series are in place.

So will “SPECTRE” be another billion dollar offering for the series?

Mendes says we'll hear the new theme song very soon, and the film will be in UK theaters on October 26th before arriving here in the US on November 6.