New ‘Survivor’ season has an age-based twist

07.28.10 8 years ago

 After dipping into the All-Stars well for “Survivor 20,” the franchise will return to another familiar twist for the upcoming 21st installment.

CBS announced on Wednesday (July 28) that “Survivor: Nicaragua” will feature two teams divided by age. The Espada tribe will be made up of contestants over the age of 40, with the La Flor tribe featuring individuals 30 or under. 
Wait? What about contestants between the ages of 31 and 39? They don’t get to play this season, apparently.
CBS’ release claims that the “Old” team “must prove they have the life experience and knowledge that will ultimately help them Outwit and Outlast their younger competitors.” The “Young” team “will have to use their youth and vitality to Outplay and ultimate Outlast their elders.”
“Survivor” previously went down a similar path in the Panama-set “Survivor: Exile Island,” which divided 16 players into four years — young women, young men, older men and older women — only to merge at the Top 10.
The new “Survivor” season returns to Wednesday nights, the show’s original home, starting on September 15.

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