Don’t let the new ‘Timeless’ promo fool you into hoping for an Amelia Earhart episode

A new promo for Timeless debuted this Saturday, and it should get history buffs even more stoked for this upcoming time travel series.

The promo shows Timeless” heroes jumping into eras gone by, their clothes and their surroundings morphing around them. We see Lucy, Rufus, and Wyatt transported to World War II and to Ford”s Theatre apparently on a fateful night in 1865, both of which have been revealed as parts of history where Timeless episodes will be set. And the trio gets a peek at Amelia Earhart – who had not been previously listed as the subject of an upcoming episode.

Don”t let this get you excited for an Amelia Earhart episode, though.

There is not an Earhart episode in the works, to the knowledge of an NBC rep HitFix contacted. She explained that the promo simply captures the possibilities of where Timeless” heroes could end up. So that alternate 1937 “welcome home” parade for Earhart will probably only appear in this promo, not the series itself.

Who knows, though? Maybe this promo could be a way for producers to gauge viewer interest in a storyline about the ill-fated aviator.


The promo, which aired during NBC”s Olympics coverage this weekend, features footage shot specifically for this ad, not episodic footage. You can see the World War II bit appears to be in the Pacific with some palm trees, perhaps Pearl Harbor. Maybe Timeless will go there too, but thus far, the producers have just said the show is going to Germany during WWII.

Every episode will take its time travelers to another era.

Timeless promises to be a gripping game of “what if?” – What if history had taken a different path? How would our present be different if the Hindenburg hadn”t caught fire on May 6, 1937? Would it just mean we”d never know the iconic album cover of Led Zeppelin”s debut, or would ripples have changed far more?

Those questions and more will be asked and answered when Timeless” premiere – all about the Hindenburg – airs on NBC on Monday, October 3. The series stars Abigail Spencer, Malcolm Barrett, Matt Lanter, and Goran Visnjic.