Nicki Minaj gets personal – very personal – on new ‘Pinkprint’ ballad ‘Bed of Lies’

Nicki Minaj is getting personal on “The Pinkprint.”

After (partially) debuting the song during a live performance at last week's MTV EMAs, the rapper has now released the studio version of “Bed of Lies,” which takes down an ex-lover and even suggests he nearly drove her to suicide with the line: “Couldn't believe that I was home alone contemplating overdosing.” Strong stuff.

Minaj collaborates with singer-songwriter Skylar Grey on the track, of which Grey previously told Billboard: “The song started being written almost a year ago and then [Minaj] picked it up and wrote her verses on it. Luckily, she liked the demo of it enough to keep me on the song. …When I heard that she was taking the song I was surprised because it”s not a typical kind of song for her. . . . She seemed to take it to a very personal place.”

“Bed of Lies” is closer in spirit to “Pinkprint's” unexpectedly-demure first single “Pills N Potions” than subsequent releases “Anaconda” or “Only,” the latter of which recently incited controversy over a lyric video that utilizes Nazi-style imagery.

Listen to “Bed of Lies” below and let us know what you think in the comments.

“The Pinkprint” drops on December 15.