Nicolas Cage and Johnny Knoxville ready to show ‘Wild Side’

Watch out, America — Nicolas Cage, Johnny Knoxville and “The Dark Knight Rises” Juno Temple are heading on a road trip together.

The trio have signed on to star in the thriller “Wild Side.” The film centers on a small-town beauty queen named Lila Belle Clyde (Temple) who, after discovering jewels stolen during a dangerous heist, attempts to flee New Orleans with the cops, the press and the murderous Odel (Cage) hot on her tail, according to Deadline. At the very least, it will present Cage with another chance to ham it up as a criminal/killer. Production starts July 23 in Louisiana.

Jesse Baget will direct from a script he wrote with Stefania Moscato. The two co-wrote (with Baget directing) 2010’s “Breathless,” with Gina Gershon, Ray Liotta and Val Kilmer.

Excluding the “Jack Ass” franchise, Knoxville hasn’t appeared in any features of note since 2005’s “Dukes of Hazzard” and “The Ringer.”

Temple had small roles in “Year One” and “Greenberg,” and will soon be seen in “Killer Joe” and Christopher Nolan’s much-anticipated “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Meanwhile, Cage has had a tough time at the box office lately, starring in such films as “Drive Angry,” “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance” and “Trespass,” which debuted on VOD, much to Cage’s chagrin.