Is Jared Leto the right choice to play the Vampire Lestat?

Though no official confirmation has come down, Jared Leto has seemingly been cast as the new Lestat in Fault in Our Stars writer-director Josh Boone's Interview with the Vampire re-adaptation (at least according to an Instagram post by Boone earlier this week), leading to both outrage and excitement from Leto detractors and fans, respectively. 

On this week's episode of HitFix's horror chat series Nightmare Fuel, Drew McWeeny (who does not appear onscreen due to some unfortunate technical difficulties) and I discuss Leto's seeming involvement in the film, speculate on what he would bring to the role and talk about why the Oscar-winning actor is such a divisive figure in general. (Note: The Leto/Lestat discussion begins at 7:15 in.)

Also on tap: a discussion of that Craft sequel/remake that HitFix made news with earlier this week as well as Universal's big-budget Monster reboots, which both Drew and I harbor serious reservations about. Does shoehorning the classic characters into Marvel Cinematic Universe-esque tentpoles with major stars represent a betrayal of the creepy, low-key origins of the original ghouls?

Watch the full conversation above or below.

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