Is the ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ backlash warranted?

Beware: 10 Cloverfield Lane spoilers to follow.

On last week's episode of Nightmare Fuel — HitFix's new weekly dose of horror, in video form — Patrick Bromley and I predicted a 10 Cloverfield Lane backlash thanks to the film's uber-secretive marketing campaign and the fact that it was not, despite its suggestive title, a direct sequel to 2008's found-footage monster hit Cloverfield. And hey, guess what? We weren't totally off-base.

As a followup to that discussion, on this week's show I speak with Nerdist reporter and SFX magazine west coast editor Joseph McCabe about the divisive fan reaction, which includes complaints that the final 10 minutes felt tacked on, among other gripes (for a rebuttal of that perspective, you can read Emily Rome's piece from late last week).

While I personally felt the ending (mostly) worked, it certainly wasn't above reproach (who buys the Molotov cocktail bit?). Watch Joseph and I go into our own feelings on the final act in the attached video, in addition to our discussion of the seemingly-cursed Crow reboot, which recently lost its fourth director in as many years. Is the project best left alone at this point? Didn't Alex Proyas already nail the material in 1994? All that and more above and below.

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