Was that ‘Walking Dead’ cliffhanger misguided…or brilliant?

Good day, horror fanatics! Are you hardcore enough to survive another Nightmare Fuel episode?

This week we are bringing it to you straight, no chaser, with Graveyard Shift Sisters founder Ashlee Blackwell, a writer and genre aficionado who has made it her mission to “Purge the Black Female Horror Fan From The Margins,” according to her official Twitter. I love all of this.

Hey guess what, horror has a diversity problem. Can you believe it? Though men and women of color make up a significant portion of the genre's fanbase, they are severely underrepresented both on-and-off-screen, not only in Hollywood but within horror fandom itself. Are you shocked? Appalled? Let Ashlee show you the way, she is fighting the good fight.

While we're on the subject of diversity, guess who wasn't included on the cover of the new Ghostbusters Blu-ray? Not Bill Murray! This week I go in depth with Ashlee on the topic of Winston/Ernie Hudson's historic marginalization in the blockbuster franchise, in addition to that divisive Walking Dead cliffhanger, which went the Who Shot J.R.? route at its (seeming) peril. 

So, did The Walking Dead make its biggest blunder yet, or was it actually a brilliant ploy to keep viewers invested? Also, how do you feel about your corporate overlords just inventing “Alien Day” out of thin air? Will you buy their $175 sneakers?

Watch the in-depth discussion on all this and more above or below.

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