Nirvana’s Krist Novoselic helping perform Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ in whole live

The Experience Music Project Museum is celebrating the legacy of Nirvana in the band hometown, and have taken the celebration of the rock act’s “Nevermind’s” 20th anniversary a step further.

The seminal album will be performed live in its entirety on Sept. 20 at Sky Church by a slew of Seattle-based bands, with special guest Krist Novoselic helping the tunes along. For those playing at home, Krist Novoselic is Nirvana’s former bassist.

The Fastbacks, Vaporland, The Long Winters, Immaculate Noise favorite Visqueen, Campfire OK, Valis (former Screaming Trees), Ravenna Woods and more acts are also on board.

Tickets are up for only $15 for museum members, $20 for the general public.

And it’s a double-act EMP celebration and charity event. “This show will be a benefit for long time Seattle music industry maven Susie Tennant, who was recently diagnosed with cancer.”

For those hoping another Nirvana member, Dave Grohl, may join, don’t hold your breath: his little band Foo Fighters are scheduled to play in Cleveland that night.