‘Now You See Me’ star Isla Fisher discusses breathing underwater for magic movie

“Now You See Me” is a surprise box office hit this weekend, led by a stellar cast and a sneaky script about magic and thievery that keeps audiences guessing. 

Among the film’s sprawling ensemble are Isla Fisher, recently seen in “The Great Gatsby” and “Warm Bodies” co-star Dave Franco.

HitFix’s Katie Hasty sat down with both Fisher and Franco to discuss the film, with the former discussing playing an “escapologist” and learning how to hold her breath for an extended amount of time. She adds that despite all of the film’s demanding physicality, the hardest part was trying to run in high heels. 

Meanwhile, star Dave Franco jokingly brags about taking on a certain Marvel comics behemoth (co-star Mark Ruffalo), saying, “I kicked the Hulk’s ass.” Pointing to some war wounds, Franco adds, “We [both] insisted that we do our own stunts…I got very brutal wounds”

Watch the full interview above.

“Now You see Me” also stars Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Michael Caine, Melanie Laurent and Morgan Freeman. It was directed by Louis Leterrier (“The Incredible Hulk,” “Clash of the Titans”)

“Now You See Me” is currently in theaters.