Oh deer, ‘SNL’ and The Rock present Disney’s live-action flick ‘Bambi’

There are some things that just should not be spoiled and the spoof trailer “Saturday Night Live” created for “Walt Disney's Bambi” is one of them.

Mocking the recent news that the Mouse House is moving forward with a live-action “Dumbo” (don't get me started on that one), Dwayne Johnson plays a, well, “Rock” version of the classic animated character.  This Bambi, however, is out for revenge. Tragically, they took away his mother. And, unlike the original, they are going to pay…deerly.

It's all in the style of “Fast 7,” might include some of his more famous co-stars (and if this is our mandatory synergistic Comcast tie-in for Friday's blockbuster we'll take it) and is already blowing up on social media.

Enjoy a live action “Bambi” we can only dare to dream for in the embedded video below.