Olivia Munn defends ‘The Newsroom’s’ controversial rape episode

Olivia Munn defends “The Newsroom”s” controversial rape episode
“The reality is that (Aaron) Sorkin writes things so that they can be talked about, and so we show both sides of it,” “The Newsroom” star tells EW Radio. “I think it was important to show what it”s like for women to be a rape victim, want to speak out, and then have somebody come in and say, ‘Hey don”t do that. That”s going to be bad for you.”” She adds: “Sorkin wasn”t saying ‘Don”t do that.” He was saying ‘This is what happens.'”

ABC casts Justin Long for “Irreversible” comedy pilot
Long will star in a “Curb Your Enthusiasm”-like pilot, which was previously made as a pilot last season with David Schwimmer on board.

Does SAG Awards have only 1 slot for black TV drama actresses?
Viola Davis got a nomination this year, but not the previously nominated Kerry Washington.

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Check out the “Agent Carter” poster
Hayley Atwell is dressed in blue with a red hat while holding a gun in  the promo for her ABC Marvel series.

“Fresh Off the Boat” to air on Tuesdays, debut on a Wednesday
The Asian-American family sitcom will premiere before and after “Modern Family” on Feb. 4 before moving to its regular 8 pm Tuesday timeslot.

Bill Cosby sued for defamation by one of his accusers
Tamara Green is suing after Cosby”s lawyer called her rape claims “absolutely false.”

Watch “Sons of Anarchy”s” final day on set
A new featurette looks at the final day and the day after, as the set was dismantled.

Discovery Channel “Swamp Brothers” star is going to federal prison
Robbie Keszey has been ordered to serve one year in prison for smuggling snakes.

Martin Freeman: Benedict Cumberbatch can “go f*ck himself”
That was Freeman”s hilarious reaction to a VH1 interviewer asking if his “Sherlock” co-star should make a special appearance on “SNL” this week.

“Kroll Show” album is now available on iTunes
“Kroll Show: For The Record” includes such songs as “Young Billy Joel Theme” and “NTR 2 WIN (feat. Bryan LaCroix).”

“South Park” embraced serialized storytelling this season
This season saw the evolution of Matt and Trey”s storytelling ability.

Hate-watching, explained
As Vox describes it, “Hate-watching is watching a show or movie you suspect you will emphatically dislike, for the purpose of being able to talk about how much you disliked it, either during the program (on social media) or afterward.”

“Supernatural” had its largest audience in 4 years
About 2.8 million watched Tuesday, a night that was dominated by “The Voice,” Victoria”s Secret and “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”

Whoopi Goldberg interrupts “The View” with a loud fart
“I feel so much better now!” said Whoopi.

Bravo “Ladies of London” star”s boyfriend dies after falling out a window
Noelle Reno”s significant other Scot Young, a businessman, fell out of fourth-story window and landed on a fence, impaling himself.

How “Community” might resurrect Chevy Chase”s character
Could he return as Zombie Pierce?