Olivia Wilde gives us an update on whether or not there will be a ‘TRON: Legacy’ sequel

Man, I wish I’d seen “Drinking Buddies” before I went to Vegas for the press event we did for “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.”

Look, it’s never a bad thing to sit down and have a conversation with Olivia Wilde. She’s good at making each press day feel relaxed and casual, something not everyone can do. Often, when there’s a new film getting ready to come out, I will get e-mail from readers who have certain things they are curious about. In the case of Wilde, I continue to get letters from people who want to know if Disney is moving forward on a new chapter in the “TRON” franchise.

I may not be the biggest fan of “TRON,” but I recognize that there is an audience that wants to see more in that world, and asking her about it, it seems that Wilde has heard that same feedback. So far, that’s really the biggest blockbuster role she’s played, and if they are going to continue the series, she’s a big part of what they set up.

I’m curious to see if Disney really does move forward with another “TRON.” They’ve spent money developing it, and there are things that were clearly included in “TRON: Legacy” specifically so the filmmakers would be able to pick those threads up in a sequel. The best example of that was the way they shot some material at the last minute involving Cillian Murphy playing the son of David Warner’s character from the original film. He is barely in the film, but that connection is emphasized so prominently that it’s sort of impossible to miss the intentions.

With Wilde, though, the implications for the film’s last few minutes are gigantic, and they suggest a very different next movie. We’ve had two movies now about people who cross over into the world of “TRON,” but we haven’t seen any of the characters from inside that world manage to cross over to the real world, and the moment Quorra did that, she changed the potential of the series completely. What will happen when these beings, born inside of a computer and evidently communicating with another, explore “Free Will” for digital creations who view us as their gods? And what happens when they come into our world and realize that we are not remotely godlike?

I’m honestly more intrigued by where they could go than anywhere they’ve been so far, and it sounds like if they do go back to the series, Wilde remains ready to suit up and see where else that character can go. In the meantime, check out the interview with Wilde that our own Katie Hasty just posted.

“The Incredible Burt Wonderstone” is in theaters tomorrow.