Listen: One Direction covers Oasis’ ‘Wonderwall’

So maybe One Direction thinks Beady Eye did a lousy job on “Wonderwall”  during the Olympic closing ceremonies in London too. Why else would they release their own version of Oasis”s modern classic?

(If you missed it, Beady Eye, which is basically Oasis minus Noel Gallagher, delivered one of the most torpid versions of the song ever on Sunday).

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Sitting around on the beach with the blond one (okay, I do actually know his name is Niall Horan) strumming a guitar seated on a cooler, the five lads perform their own version as the waves ever so gently crash onto the shore. There”s also a soccer ball in the background.

One Direction”s version is a bit of a mess and it sounds only slightly better than  we all sound when someone pulls out a guitar at the beach (I know, it happens every day in your life, right?). They sound ragged and like they didn”t rehearse it 10 times already. It doesn”t matter because 1D fans who weren”t even born when the song originally came out in 1995 will clamor to this version and love how deep the members of 1D are and want to save them all.