Watch: One Direction members get their cute on in ‘Kiss You’ video

01.07.13 5 years ago

If I were a 12-year old girl, I would have One Direction”s video for “Kiss You” on repeat….for, like, ever. 

It”s everything a video by a boy band should be. The clip pays homage to teen idols of the past, including Elvis Presley in “Jailhouse Rock,” the Beach Boys, and any myriad of bands that broke in the early ’60s, including The Beatles. 

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The video is as fun and bouncy as the song itself and at no point do the boys take themselves too seriously. In fact, the whole goal seems to  be as silly as possible, delightfully so.  Playing out before a blue screen, the members of the British band drive up Pacific Coast Highway, ski, surf (Yes, they”re topless), break out of jail, and just generally mug for the camera in various scenarios.

“Kiss You” is sweet, funny and will do nothing but keep the adoration for the band going. While “Live While We”re Young,”  first single from “Take Me Home,” didn”t have the radio shelf life it deserved, “Kiss You” is the perfect peppy tune to perk up the long winter days.

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