‘Orphan Black’ Season 4: a new clone and a creepy new teaser

Season 4 of “Orphan Black” won't start until April, but BBC America is beginning to give us a few little looks at what to expect.

On Christmas, we got a very short teaser that showed just an eye. We don't even know whose eye it is, though we can guess — many think it's Rachel's, because:

1. It's brown, just like Rachel's

2. It turns into a mechanical bionic eye thing, and Rachel could certainly use one of those after her real eye was taken out by a pencil.

3. It's creepy as hell. That's not a clue that it's Rachel, but I just thought I should point it out. 

Or maybe it's a new clone entirely! We know one is coming, as “Black” co-creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson told Entertainment Weekly that Season 4 will bring us “M.K.,” described as a “mysterious character” who apparently knows more about her origins than Sarah does. She also wears a sheep mask (you know, like Dolly, everyone's favorite sheep clone!), so we can't tell if she has an eye or not in EW's photos.