An epic interview with ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ star Oscar Isaac

CULVER CITY, Calif. – A few weeks ago we ran an interview with the Coen Bros. about their latest film, “Inside Llewyn Davis.” I put it up in a Q&A format rather than the usual prose kind of thing because the back and forth was so interesting to me. And for a pragmatic pair whose answers almost have more power in the context of the question, it made a lot of sense.

As I sat down to write up a lunch interview with star (and recent Spirit Award nominee) Oscar Isaac, it became apparent to me that it would benefit just as much from that treatment. The discussion has a natural flow and Isaac is so thoughtful in all of his responses that it would seem wrong to pick and choose the quotes that work best for a piece about the themes and character-building that went into the film.

Which brings me to another point about why a simple Q&A made a lot of sense. Just like the Coens, Isaac – as you'll plainly see in his answers – isn't too caught up in affectation and applying meaning to art. The existence of the thing is the thing. So the conversation, then, is the conversation. No fluffy piece built around choice excerpts. Just an hour-long chat about nostalgia, the life of a nomad, the impact of artists on community, music as an outlet, the inspiration of Buster Keaton and the danger of an actor's personality becoming bigger than the work itself.

Check it all out below, and be forewarned: it's LONG. But it'll make a great piece of reading during the holiday. So feel free to bookmark and dive in later this week.


HitFix: So have you ever done this much press for a movie in your life?

Oscar Isaac: No, sir. Nope. No, I have not.

Well it's a fun one. You get to do all these concerts and stuff.

Yeah, that part's really cool. I just came from seeing the film, the concert film.

Oh, the New York thing. I really wanted to go to that but I couldn't make it, so I'm glad they made a film out of it.