Outrage Watch Comic-Con Edition: What are these cosplayers angry about?

Welcome to a special San Diego Comic-Con edition of Outrage Watch, HitFix's semi-regular rundown of entertainment-related kerfuffles. Not anxious enough already? Get your fix of righteous indignation below, and stay posted for outrage updates throughout the week.

As it turns out, cosplayers are…not as angry as I want them to be. Maybe we should call this “Annoyance Watch”?

But seriously, there are some good rants here. Do you hate the new “Teen Titans” TV show? Harley Quinn feels your pain. Is “Twilight” the bane of your entire existence? Let Deadpool be your voice. Disgusted with all these Disney live-action remakes? Edward Scissorhands is in your corner, friend. Oh, and let's not forget Hit-Girl Jr., who quietly but passionately echoes what we've all been thinking: why in the hell are Batman and Superman even fighting? Seriously! What. Is. Up. With. That.

Get all the outrage you can handle above.