Outrage Watch: Not everyone is addicted to ‘The People v. O.J. Simpson’

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The People v. O.J. Simpson has won critical acclaim and become a ratings hit for FX, but at least two people in America aren't singing its praises: Fred and Kim Goldman, father and sister of Ron Goldman, whose murder alongside Nicole Brown Simpson kicked off the most sensational court case of all time.

“I don”t know what the probative value is of the show,” says Kim Goldman in a preview clip from Tuesday's episode of Steve Harvey (embedded below). “It”s everywhere all over again and people are, ‘Oh, the acting is riveting and this is such a great plot line,” and I”m thinking, ‘These are murders.'” 

Goldman added that the show has “ripped the Band-Aid right back off” her family's personal tragedy and “poured gallons of salt” in the wound. 

“And then they”re gonna put the Band-Aid off and they”re going to leave us to be,” she continued. “And I think it”s really insensitive to not have considered the families at all throughout this process.”

Countered Harvey: “This is Hollywood. They're not considering all that.”

This isn't the first time the Goldmans have blasted the Ryan Murphy-created miniseries. Back in January, they appeared on Dr. Phil alongside Nicole Brown Simpson's sister Tanya Brown, who voiced her umbrage at the talent taking part: “[John] Travolta, [David] Schwimmer, Cuba Gooding [Jr.], shame on you guys,” she said. “You should have called the families.”