Outrage Watch: Jim Breuer slams ‘SNL’ cast rankings – ‘I lost all respect for Rolling Stone’

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Jim Breuer doesn't care about being ranked 139 out of 141 on Rolling Stone's infamous “SNL” cast ranking — he just has a problem with RS writer Rob Sheffield's tone.

“I lost all respect for Rolling Stone, because I didn”t care about the list. It”s what that guy wrote about people,” Breuer railed on Wednesday's “Howard Stern Show.” “Like, there were cast members like, 'Oh this douchebag.' Like why would you — people are just trying to make a living, and what kind of douche — where are you at in your life — that gives you the right to stand there and go, 'Number 134, this guy, I wish he would die.'”

You can listen to Breuer's full comments below. #JusticeforCheri

[via Uproxx]