Outrage Watch: Kristen Stewart rips ‘disgustingly sexist’ Hollywood

04.29.15 3 years ago

Kristen Stewart is clearly feeling her A-list power in a new interview with Harper's Bazaar, where she rips Hollywood for being “disgustingly sexist.”

“Women inevitably have to work a little bit harder to be heard,” said the “Twilight” star. “It”s crazy. It”s so offensive it”s crazy.”

The actor, out promoting her role in the acclaimed new drama “Clouds of Sils Maria” opposite Juliette Binoche, also recounted her days as a young starlet who found herself massively unprepared for the rigors of fame after “Twilight” became a giant success.

“Having that much human energy thrust at you and then being critically analysed is obviously disarming,” she said. “Control issues make me so nervous. It”s not knowing what”s going to happen. So what people were seeing was what happens when you are terrified. My palms sweat, my knees shake, I don”t think I can stand in my heels, I”m breathing heavily, I feel nauseous.”

As she describes it, her newfound mega-fame also brought her face to face with the darkest elements in the fashion industry.

“I started out in situations that were quite foreign to me, photo shoots, famous photographers, having to deal with designers,” she said. “I felt quite out of place and young. And I remember meeting some of the worst people you could possibly imagine. Just soul-sucking, cut-throat fashion people, the full-on Devil Wears Prada.”

You can check out a preview of the interview over at Harper's Bazaar.

[via The Wrap]

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