‘Paper Towns’ author John Green blasts Cara Delevingne’s interviewers

07.30.15 4 years ago

Cara Delevingne's appearance on “Good Day Sacramento,” in which the show's anchors mistakenly called her “Carla” before dismissing her as “tired” for not putting up with their questions, has caused a schism. Some believe she acted too surly on air; others believe she was reacting fairly to a horrible line of questions. We at HitFix are in the latter group.

Author John Green, who wrote the book that inspired Delevingne's new film “Paper Towns,” has spoken out about how Delevingne responded to the aggressively perky Sacramento interviewers. After acknowledging how easy it can be to give short, pat answers when you've been asked the same questions 50 times, he praises Delevingne's refusal to settle for cliche. 

“Cara, however, refuses to stick to the script. She refuses to indulge lazy questions and refuses to turn herself into an automaton to get through long days of junketry. I don”t find that behavior entitled or haughty. I find it admirable. Cara Delevingne doesn”t exist to feed your narrative or your news feed-and that”s precisely why she”s so fucking interesting.”

The whole response, which includes an explanation of junket culture's rigamarole, is here.  

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