Patty Jenkins takes over as director of Warner’s ‘Wonder Woman’ film

Patty Jenkins was the original director of “Thor: The Dark World.” While no reason for her departure beyond the omnipresent “creative differences” were cited, it obviously dented her reputation.

You can deny it all day, but after she left that film, she has worked exclusively in TV. Sure, TV is a good job, but she was in the mix on big giant movies before that. It will never stop baffling me how someone like Robert Schwentke can direct something as terrible and financially disastrous as “R.I.P.D.” and then get handed a giant franchise sequel as a reward, while someone like Jenkins can simply stall out on a big film and find herself sent back to Lifetime Network for her trouble.

There was a point where I said, “It's not important that a woman direct 'Wonder Woman,' but that they find the right director.” I am changing my tune. They absolutely should have a woman direct “Wonder Woman.” And they should have one write it. And they should have one produce it. And they should have one photograph it. I think they should pack as many women in both above and below the line as they possibly can. I think at this point, after seeing how poorly Warner has handled much of the “Wonder Woman” development over the years, it's time for them to go big or go home.

So Michelle MacLaren is out. That's a bummer. MacLaren is incredibly talented and she would have been an exciting choice. Whatever happened, I hope this isn't used as a black mark against her. She's got a great body of work already, so she should land on another movie, not in a time out.

And Jenkins has a shot here if she pulls this off to put herself back in the mix. I am impressed that Warner Bros. made this choice, and I hope she crushes it. At this point, the fact that so many people push back against the idea of a woman directing this film (or any film, frankly) means that it is more important than ever to push for that hiring. Until it is no longer remarkable, it has to be important, and all eyes are going to be on this one. I'm rooting for Jenkins to make something great.

“Wonder Woman” will fly her invisible jet into theaters on June 23, 2017.