Paula Deen’s multi-million dollar empire is now riding on her ‘Today’ interview

06.24.13 5 years ago

Paula Deen’s multi-million dollar empire is now riding on her “Today” interview
The former Food Network star hasn’t lost all her endorsements — Paula Deen Inc. in 2010 generated about $10 million from licensing agreements, speaking engagements and other deals. PLUS: Why Paula deserves her Food Net job back, many in the South are willing to forgive Paula, Smithfield under fire for dropping Paula, and why Paula’s demise feels so sweet.

Netflix putting up “House of Cards” and “Arrested Development” lawn signs

Homeowners in upscale neighborhoods who display the signs can receive a six-month Netflix subscription, a $50 Red Cross donation in their name or a $50 AmEx gift card.

“Breaking Bad” releases a new promo
Where’s the new footage?

Check out “Dexter’s” bloody end-of-series cake

Celebrating eight “great seasons.” PLUS: Showtime selling “Dexter” cupcakes.

James Gandolfini was the Marlon Brando of TV
Just as Brando changed movie acting in the ’50s, Gandolfini transformed TV acting in the ’00s. PLUS: A private wake is scheduled for Wednesday.

Eva Longoria juggles being a prominent Latina voice while defending “Devious Maids”

Longoria has had to battle criticism from Latinas that her Lifetime show promotes stereotypes. PLUS: Meet the “Devious” amputee.

Are you hate-watching “Mistresses”?

The ABC summer drama could be the new “Smash.”

Kurt Sutter: “At this point, I’ll kick down the Emmy door any way I f*cking can”

Says the “Sons of Anarchy” creator: “T-Girls, Best Fake Tits, Most Profound Tongue Biting. I’m considering dressing Jax in a fur cap and replacing the Harleys with Golden Unicorns.”

“Full House’s” Jodie Sweetin is ending her 3rd marriage
The 31-year-old Sweetin has filed for legal separation from her husband and father of her 2-year-old daughter.

Report: There are 146 babies named Khaleesi in the United States

Babies named Khaleesi has jumped 450% since “Game of Thrones” debuted in 2011.

Jurnee Smollett-Bell did her “True Blood” audition from her in-laws’ basement in Detroit
She also talks about playing vampire-rights activist Nicole.

Jon Lovitz launching a video podcast

“Lovitz or Leavitz’s” 1st guest: Dana Carvey, his “SNL” pal.

Watch Chris O’Dowd take a fly out of his mouth on British TV
O’Dowd was trying to kill the fly while on Graham Norton with Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig.

Why Season 6 was “Mad Men’s” best season yet
This was the season that “Mad Men” stopped being a period piece, says Troy Patterson. “Among the signs of artistic growth that mark the show’s sixth season as its best to date,” he says, “is that it is has stopped using the past as a crutch to prop up its scenarios.” PLUS: Hershey’s was “thrilled and incredibly flattered” by its cameo, “Mad Men” regressed and became simpler this season, and did the finale reveal America’s aversion to telling the truth?

Did Kate Gosselin mock Asians?
The mother of eight half-Korean kids appears to be mocking Asians in a new photo that has surfaced.

Watch Comedy Central’s “Drunk History”
The cable network has posted a full episode featuring Dave Grohl, Jack Black, Adam Scott and Bob Odenkirk.

Has “Duck Dynasty” jumped the shark?

The reality sitcom seems to be running out of ideas.

“Suits” casts Harvey’s dad

“Rescue Me’s” James McCaffrey will guest-star on the USA series.

Bethanny Frankel’s estranged husband doesn’t want their daughter on her talk show

It’s the latest sticking point in their divorce battle.

What if John Lennon auditioned for “The Voice”?
He’d probably fail.

How Mt. Airy, North Carolina transformed itself into “Mayberry”

When textile plants shut down, the town of less than 10,000 transformed itself in 1990 into an “Andy Griffith Show” tourist destination.

HBO’s “Luck” lives on in the art world

An artist teamed with a “Luck” writer for a web series based on the artist’s “Luck”-inspired sketches.

Nudity wasn’t part of the original “Naked and Afraid” plan
“Well, we didn’t develop the show to be exploitative, ever,” says the Discovery show’s producer. “We always developed it with our filter being “how do we protect and it make it a pure survival experience?”

“The Descendants” casts Julianne Nicholson
The “Boardwalk Empire” and “Law & Order: CI” alum will play the female lead on the Sundance series.

“Under the Dome” hooks you in — CBS is on to something
The Stephen King-Steven Spielberg limited series lives up to the hype with its “intriguing as hell” first hour, especially since CBS went big to make it an event, unlike many other summer series. PLUS: The first episode is so addictive it’ll be hard to not watch the 2nd episode, and we’ve seen this story before.

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