Peter Sarsgaard says he’s a ‘prosthetics spokesperson’ after playing Hector Hammond in ‘Green Lantern’

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As Carol Ferris, “Gossip Girl’s” Blake Lively is not just playing Hal Jordan’s love interest in “Green Lantern,” she may eventually dawn her own superhero costume as the beautiful, yet dangerous Star Sapphire.  That’s a long way off at the moment, but along with co-star Peter Sarsgaard (Hector Hammond), director Martin Campbell and producer Donald DeLine, she took some time to talk to the assembled press and HitFix about the upcoming movie at Comic-Con 2010 earlier this month.

Lively admits she knew nothing about “Lantern” when she got the part, but that she’s excited about introducing the character to a “new generation.” She says her best experience on set, however, was when she took the skies.

“When we got to pilot the planes, that was a cool thing I felt like ‘Top Gun,'” Lively says. “That’s what is unique about this movie. Hal doesn’t take me flying.”

Playing Hector Hammond, the mad scientist with a big head (literally, a big head), wasn’t a stretch for Peter Sarsgaard who joked he had a lot in common with the character.  And, in a rarity, he’s now on record as being an actor who really enjoyed the pounds of makeup he had to put on to become Green Lantern’s nemesis.

“Y’know I really enjoyed acting in the prosthetics. I’m a prosthetics spokesperson now,” Sarsgaard says. “It was a blast. It was like being 14 and mask acting.  It was everything every actor ever wants to do. The prosthetics are so detailed and so fine and attached to muscles in a way that makes it so I can articulate it like I articulate my own face.”

Martin Campbell talks about the difficulties of directing a superhero movie where the superhero actually goes to another planet. His love of “gentle giant” Kilowog and the long process of getting the mustache right on Mark Strong’s Sinestro and hints he won’t be a villain in this “Lantern” installment.  This video also gives you a taste of the enthusiastic demeanor of producer Donald DeLine who has been behind such films as “The Italian Job” and “I Love You Man.”

To check out an interview with the Emerald Crusader himself, Ryan Reynolds, click here.

“Green Lantern” enters your sector on June 17, 2011.

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