Burn all the money: PEZ candy dispensers get a movie deal

PEZ — the candy dispenser toy that your weird uncle collects — got a movie deal.

Envision Media Arts has entered into an agreement with PEZ Candy Inc. to bring those character heads to the big screen, with Cameron Fay (“The Three Stooges” 2012 movie) primed to pen the script.

“PEZ Candy is beloved by children and adults alike,” EMA CEO and founder Lee Nelson said in a statement. “With Cameron Fay we”ve created a world unique to Pez and a story that will touch the hearts of many.”

So many questions. Which PEZ will get cleared licenses? Which PEZ characters will battle it out for PEZ domination? Will they go for the LEGO Movie model? Will PEZ grow limbs? Is Scrooge McDuck — The 1% — the villain? Can a candy-spitting Batman finally have a fair fight with Superman, who also spits candy? Is Bozo The Clown still a bozo? Can Betty Boop even handle Hello Kitty (I mean, really, who can)? When will the beagle dog PEZ get his own arc? Ripping the life blood straight from someone's throat, one unit at a time, is illegal in these United States; in what alternate universe can this threat be reversed? Is PEZ plural PEZ, PEZes, PEZi?