Pink’s ‘The Truth About Love’ tour opens in Phoenix to a few glitches

02.14.13 6 years ago

Pink”s “The Truth About Love” got off to a high-flying start at Phoenix’s US Airways Arena last night, but not without a few hitches.

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The Phoenix New Times” Nicki Escudero felt that Pink was focused more on the acrobatics and gymnastics that highlight the show than her singing. “[Pink] really has amazing vocal chops…for most of the first half of her concert, it was really diasppointing that Pink didn”t sing with as much gusto as you might expect in a live setting-she often seemed to be focused more on her choreography and letting her backup singers and audience members take control on songs.”   The choreography includes her flying through the air without cable support.

Most of the glitches sound like typical opening night issues: She started a song over when a guitar player”s microphone went out during his solo; Pink”s mike went out during opening number “Raise Your Glass” (and a backing track could be heard).

On the plus side, when she concentrated on singing, Escudero said Pink sounded strong. “Pink”s voice seemed in tip-top shape. I just wish we heard more of it throughout her concert.”

For remaining tour dates on the two-month outing go here.

Above is a video produced by tour promoter Live Nation showing highlights from last night. Below, you can find a crowd-shot video of “Just Give Me A Reason,” which features hometown hero, fun.’s Nate Ruess duetting with Pink on film.

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