Plagiarizing Tweets Can Win You Praise in USA Today

USA Today featured a charming tweet today from Tommy Toledo, whose Twitter bio describes him as a pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers organization. Too bad Toledo actually stole the quip from writer/Actual Twitter Funnyperson Aaron Fullerton. But no matter! The stolen tweet was only featured on the cover of the third largest newspaper in the nation's sports section. What-even-ever.

Here's the original quote.


Here's the subsequent, nationally reprinted tweet from Toledo.


In case you're wondering, Toledo's pretty psyched about his emergence as a serious literary wit.


It's one thing to steal a tweet. It's another to brag about the stolen tweet after your deed has spiraled out of control. Shia LaBeouf would've been on a 17-city apology tour by this point. 

Let's be clear: Tweets get stolen all the time. It's annoying, and there's really no adequate way of shaming a tweet plagiarist. But once your theft lands a newspaper cover and you still won't recant, maybe then it's safe for everyone to join in on the contempt.