You can’t resist Doug the Pug’s ‘Stranger Things’ parody

Doug the Pug, dubbed the “King of Pop Culture” by his owners is just what your day needs. Netflix's Stranger Things turns into Stranger Pugs in the hands…I'm sorry, paws, of Doug. The Pop culture pup also tackles Harry Potter, Pokémon, and more!

I'm guessing Doug binged Stranger Things like the rest of us and wanted an outlet for his overwhelming passion. Please watch Stranger Pugs and see if you don't let out at least one “awwww.”

But wait! Doug's been a pop culture obsessive for a while now and has gotten into character before! Here he is participating in The Hunger Games, aka, Hungry Games. What a champ.

And just think of how good you'd become at Pokémon Go with this friend by your side!

Last but not least, The Pug Who Lived.

Check out all of Doug the Pug's videos here. He's also on Instagram.

(via Radio Times)