This crazy song is going get in your head and you can’t get it out

Clip It: Each day, Jon Davis looks at the world of trailers, featurettes, and clips and puts it all in perspective.

Wow. What a time to be alive.  

If this song doesn't get into your head immediately, then you have mutant powers because I haven't been able to stop singing it to myself since I first heard it. It's the ear worm to end all ear worms.

We get down on our fellow humans, but something like this reminds us that we are a culture of artists, and we just want to be heard  Think about what happened here. Someone put together a small budget, wrote and recorded a song they felt passionate about, got a film crew together, shot this, maybe had a lunch break, then shot it some more so they could get it as close to what they envisioned as possible.  

And now we have a man decked out in a billowy, yellow outfit singing about a writing utensil, which he claims he can combine with various citrus fruits. It's etched into my mind in perpetuity.  

Do I want my time back? No, I don't. Thank you for asking. Does anyone have a pineapple pen I can borrow to gouge my ears out?