‘Preacher’s’ Garth Ennis working on new ‘Punisher’ miniseries

(CBR)  Garth Ennis has written some of the most acclaimed Punisher stories of the past 20 years, and indicated on comiXology’s comiXologist podcast he’ll be returning to the Marvel Comics character in the near future, as noted by The Beat.
“I will be starting work on another ‘Punisher’ miniseries quite soon, that’ll probably come out sometime next year,” Ennis said on the podcast. “That’s at the very early stages.”
Ennis first wrote the character in the 1995 “Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe” one-shot. Several “Punisher” runs by Ennis followed — both within the Marvel Universe and in a separate, mature readers “MAX” continuity — starting with a 12-issue Marvel Knights maxiseries in 2000, illustrated by his “Preacher” collaborator Steve Dillon. Additionally, Ennis wrote 2003’s “Born,” a Punisher origin story of sorts, and 2004’s “Punisher: The End.”
Ennis appeared on the podcast to promote Dynamite series “Red Team,” which debuted earlier this year. The writer’s most recent work for Marvel was the 13-issue “Fury MAX” series which wrapped in June.
CBR News reached out to Marvel for comment on the new series, and the publisher responded with a succinct, “Stay tuned.”