This photo of President Obama handing out candy to trick-or-treaters is perfect

Are you already in a sugar coma from eating several (okay, many) pounds of candy corn? Well too bad, because the sweetest thing in the world is here for your consumption. And it’s a photo of President and Michelle handing out candy to an adorable trick-or-treater, while clad in tasteful yet festive orange (that last part was my audition to be a copywriter for Ann Taylor Loft).

The First Family made the White House spooky with decorative bats, cobwebs, and a photo of John Boehner (zing). They invited the children of local military families to trick-or-treat on the lawn, and later threw a little bash. Which Frankenstein and his Bride both made a point to attend.

Next year, we all trick-or-treat at the White House.

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