Prince joined Twitter and revealed a ‘Groovy’ new song

Prince has had a long complicated history with information technology and social networking, but he has done the unthinkable and joined Twitter.


Doing what you’d expect a Twitter n00b to do, the Purple One went about posting pics of his food, a smokey “selfie,” a meme and — bless his heart — a new song to his freshly minted feed. He has been performing with his band 3rd Eye Girl as of late, and his posts go up now under their handle on Twitter.

Coinciding with his arrival, a new song “Groovy Potential” went up for sale on the band’s site. Even crazier: an officially sanctioned preview of the tune is streaming now in a YouTube clip. YOUTUBE.

It’s like we don’t even know him any more. And he doesn’t know us… or, at least, he’s not following anybody yet. The account has logged 66,000+ followers at press time.

Now, of course, there’s no guaranteeing that Prince posted any of this with his own, magical hands at his royal laptop. But just roll with it. It’s like a Purple Rain Christmas up in here.

This is an photo that Prince posted:

Here is the funky “Groovy”: