Psy and Snoop Dogg party like rock stars in ‘Hangover’ video

You have to give Psy credit, the Korean rapper continues to parlay his international fame that started with 2012″s “Gangnam Style” on little more than a few clever dance moves, not-particularly catchy, bleating beats, and videos that spread virally like wildfire.

Now he”s enlisted the help of Snoop Dogg to continue to party.

And party they do on the 5-minute clip for “Hangover,” which debuted Sunday night following the pair's appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” The crux of the song is about partying until you puke and then starting all over again… literally. However, the message has seldom been endorsed in such a dressed-up fun style. The video opens with Psy on the floor, rushing to the bathroom to get rid of last night”s excesses (luckily, this is shown in cartoon form: and no wonder he”s barfing: he bring up a inner tube and a pigeon.) Snoop Dogg pops up out of the bath tube and both men, still splendidly dressed from the night before, brush their teeth (hygiene is important) and head out to rinse and repeat because the party is never over, as Snoop reminds us.

Snoop, who looks like he”s stoned out of his mind, reminds us to “smoke like a broke stove” as he espouses “waking and baking,” although the visuals focus totally on alcohol rather than, much to Maureen O”Dowd”s relief, pot.

Despite the subject matter, what proceeds is a G-rated video. Even the twerking dancers are fully clad. Plus, the two women that join Psy and Snoop Dogg as they go skipping through an amusement park are adorable.

The unlikely buddies sing karaoke, play a mean game of pool, and cause a little chaos before the day is done, but otherwise are about the politest drunks you”ll ever come across. The video goes on for about 2 minutes too long- and that”s even if you”re a fan- and it”s not likely to inspire its own dance as “Gangnam Style” did, but it will continue Psy”s international fame ride a few minutes longer. Plus, we”ll have more Psy coming our way soon: “Hangover” ends with a card announced the arrival of new single, “Daddy,” coming this summer. Both “Hangover” and “Daddy” are on a Psy's forthcoming new EP.

“Hangover” has already garnered more than 5.7 million YouTube page views since its Sunday release, though it will have a far way to go to catch “Gangnam Style,” which has surpassed the 2 billion mark to make it the most-viewed YouTube music video ever.

What do you think of “Hangover?”