Rachel Bloom’s ‘Lady Boss’ Is The Most Empowering Song About Work-Related Dread Ever

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a regular contender for one of the funniest, most scathing shows on TV. And that’s thanks in part to the show’s elaborate and cutting musical numbers, ranging from power ballads about self-loathing to, well, period sex. But while we’re eagerly awaiting season three, Rachel Bloom has stepped in with a new number about the many, many awkward feelings being a boss can engender.

Certainly, we’re sure, in no way a response to a certain Netflix series involving a real-life lady boss and potentially some polite eliding about her past, Bloom instead takes a cue from Vanity Fair and delves into the difficulties of managing people while simultaneously being concerned about coming off like a jerk, asking for a promotion you’re not sure you deserve, and all the other little work anxieties that plague anybody in the middle of an org chart. Who knew social anxiety and work pressure was supposed to be so empowering?

Sure, it’s not the third season, but this should tide us all over until Rebecca, Josh, White Josh and the rest of the team are back and singing… well, singing about social anxiety and work pressure. Hey, some things are sadly universal.

(via Vanity Fair)