Ranking The Most Intimidating Moments From ‘The Godfather’

You never want to wrong a Corleone. They don”t get mad, they simply chop off the head of your prized horse and shove it in bed with you. Or they choke you out with a garrote. Or, if they”re bored, they just have one of their goons blow you away with a shotgun. But sometimes they don”t even need to do that.

Throughout the entire Godfather trilogy, Vito, Michael, Sonny and Tom (not so much Fredo) have all done their part to get the family what they want. Sometimes it just takes a few words or even a look before someone knows they”ve made a Corleone mad. And that never ends well.

Check out the video below or above featuring some of The Godfather“s most intimidating moments.

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