‘212’ rapper Azealia Banks signs big-time record deal with Universal Music

“Who will sign this party starter?” asked HitFix music editor Katie Hasty of young rapper Azealia Banks, who she recently named as a member of “Hip-Hop’s New Class”. Turns out it’s Universal Music, as the upstart MC confirmed via Twitter earlier today that she’s signed a record deal with the major music label. 

“God just dealt me a new hand today. I [sic] reaaaaaaaaaaallllly good hand,” tweeted the 20-year-old rapper earlier today, before confirming: “I am now officially signed to Universal Music.”

The Harlem-raised Banks began her career in off-Broadway theater as a child and was subsequently educated at the La Guardia High School of Performing Arts. She first gained attention at the age of 17 when she released her first single – appropriately titled “Seventeen” – and later scored a major club hit with the insanely-catchy “212 (ft. Lazy Jay)”, which has since racked up over 2.5 million hits since it first hit YouTube back in September. The singer also recently guested on the Scissor Sisters’ latest single “Shady Love” (which has a great video, by the way) under the pseudonym “Krystal Pepsy”.

In case you were wondering, Banks subsequently tweeted “Album in May? June possibly?”, hinting at a ballpark release date for her debut LP. In the meantime, the potential superstar will likely be buying her mother a “Sean John comforter set she’s been eyeing at Macy’s.” Sounds like a plan to me.

You can check out the “212” video below: