‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’: Who’s lying – Apollo or Kenya?

Hey, remember that screaming argument Apollo and Kenya had during the reunion last season? The one about who texted who, and who wanted to have sex with who? Hope you took notes, because it’s back again!

I’m not sure why Phaedra hasn’t just accepted Apollo’s version of events or simply flat-out divorced him, but I guess her willingness to beat a dead horse is to our benefit. Since we no longer have Kordell and Porsha’s arguments to worry about, we might as well watch Apollo and Phaedra get into it. This never seemed like the strongest marriage, but I was hoping it might last long enough for the kids to remember who Daddy is.  You know, just in case Phaedra decides to cut him a big check to disappear forever and then tell the boys they’re the spawn of a sperm donor. 

I’m not really sure why Kandi is getting into this mess by playing go-between with Phaedra and Kenya. Kandi, after all, has problems of her own. When she complains about how much her mother hates Todd to Don Juan, he admits he has the same concerns — what if the Kandi gravy train dries up? He wants her to be happy, sure, but not so happy she lets Todd stop cutting checks! Kandi does not seem as bothered by the fact that the people around her think of her as a walking ATM as she should be. I’m also wondering why everyone seems so threatened by Todd, who seems about as laid back as your average potted plant. We might be missing something, of course, but I don’t really see Todd becoming the ruler of the Kandi empire anytime soon.

Still, Kandi may want to keep Todd away from Peter, Cynthia’s husband. While Cynthia is recovering from surgery, Peter thinks it’s a good time to find out when he can start expecting sex. After all, Cynthia has been “mean” to him by only putting out every two months. Of course, those nasty fibroids growing through her body like wild kudzu were, oh, partly to blame, but she should have sucked it up and done the deed! Jeez, what a selfish, awful woman! Whenever I start thinking Peter isn’t entirely vile, I can always rely on an episode like this one to remind me that, oh yeah, he’s a dirtbag of the highest order. I don’t know when Cynthia will be making the argument that it’s “mean” of Peter for blowing through her earnings on businesses destined to fail, but we can only hope that when that day comes, there are cameras around to record it. 

The only real bright, happy note in this episode was Porsha’s continuing journey toward embracing the fact that she’s a lot better off without Kordell, even if he shoves her wedding reception gown under a bunch of shoes when he packs her stuff. The rest of the girls (with the exception of Kenya, of course) gathered together to let Porsha vent, and it was, really, what we want to see on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” but rarely do — a show of support that doesn’t end up in screaming. It was good to see Porsha admit that she was not only presenting a facade to her friends, but to herself — she just might be an interesting housewife after all.

But let’s get back to the big, ridiculous drama of the episode — that damn text exchange between Kenya and Apollo. The texts between Apollo and Kenya may not have been explicit, but I wouldn’t say they weren’t suggestive — Apollo was smart enough to tell Kenya he just wanted to “talk” to her, but, given that Phaedra wasn’t getting along with Kenya at this point, I’m not sure what that conversation would have been.

I’m also perplexed by Apollo’s story, which seems to have changed. Did Kenya bang on his hotel door at the Beverly Wilshire, or did he just bump into her in the lobby? Apollo seems pretty convincing when he says he didn’t have any contact with Kenya, though — and I suspect if he had, Kenya would have already crowed about it. 

The argument between Apollo and Phaedra, though, seemed to forecast bad weather ahead. While Phaedra wasn’t wrong to suggest Apollo not text her friends, ordering him not to do so just ticked him off — she may be older, but he’s right in saying she’s not his mom. Neither half of this couple seems to be listening to what the other is saying, and given that Phaedra thinks the silent treatment is a good way to deal with conflict, I don’t think things are going to go well for these two. Let’s hope that, if Phaedra does bury Apollo, it’s with words and not literally.

Who do you think was lying — Kenya or Apollo? Do you think Phaedra and Apollo are headed for divorce? Do you think Kandi should just stay out of it?