Watch: Rebel Wilson straddles Channing Tatum in latest MTV Movie Awards promo

Even in the midst of a life-or-death situation, Rebel Wilson just can’t keep her hands off of Channing Tatum.

The “Pitch Perfect” actress, who was tapped to host this year’s MTV Movie Awards following an attention-getting appearance at last year’s VMAs, invades triple-nominee Tatum’s personal space in the latest promo for the upcoming ceremony, which is set to air on Sunday, April 14.

In the (admittedly uninspired and not all that funny) 30-second video, a grenade launcher-toting Wilson crawls onto Tatum’s lap during an explosive car chase, all in the interest of copping a delicious feel of his rock-hard bod.

Also released today by the network is a new promo poster featuring a black leather-clad Wilson holding two sticks of dynamite alongside the fitting tagline, “She’s about to go off.” Could this statement be predictive of her overall career trajectory as well?

Check out the new promos below and let us know what you think.