Rebel Wilson’s dream is to play Carrie on ‘Homeland’

“Pitch Perfect 2” gives you the competitive flair and camaraderie of the original with an added dose of the outrageous. Stars Rebel Wilson and Adam DeVine are just as maniacal about singing competitions in their roles as a cappella addicts Fat Amy and Bumper, who seem like natural extensions of the actors' irreverent personalities. 

But you might be shocked to learn that both actors have secret yearnings to play darker, stranger roles. We asked Wilson and DeVine what kinds of characters they'd love to start playing. 

“A lot of people don't know I have a serious side. I want to law school and stuff,” Wilson told us. “You know who I love? Claire Danes in 'Homeland.' To be out there playing a CIA analyst in the war on terror… would be kickass.” 

Watch our interview to see Wilson and DeVine talk about “Pitch Perfect 2,” the songs they wish they'd sung, and the other characters in the movie they wouldn't mind playing.