Recap: ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Results – Two dancers head home

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So it”s time for a “SYTYCD” first, in that their sending home two people at once. Which isn”t a first I”d get all excited about, but I guess Fox needs to work an angle, so we need to hear this little factoid over and over again until, presumably, this becomes a Can”t Miss episode and we stand over a water cooler discussing it with co-workers. To which I say, if you”re not already that committed, a double elimination isn”t going to send you over the edge. But let”s move on, because, well, it”s a very special episode, isn”t it?

[Full recap of Thursday’s (July 29) “So You Think You Can Dance” results show after the break…]
How much did you love the opening number? Sure, Allison was the Allison in Wonderland character instead of Lauren, which seems like a shame in that the all-star doesn”t need to get votes, but it was still spectacular. And it was Mia”s work, which is nice in that I had started thinking of her as just a big ol” crybaby judge, so it”s good to be reminded that girlfriend knows her stuff. Just beautiful work, though.
Cat reveals that Lauren is fine. Phew! Oh, and time for Nigel to reveal the winner will get an extra special prize. The winner will be part of the Gatorade G series print campaign! Okay, I guess that”s fine, but I”d be more excited about the $250,000.
Amazingly, there”s not a lot of dickering around before two dancers are called to the stage to hear their fates: Jose and Kent. If Jose isn”t in the bottom three, I will swallow my shoe.
Kent is… fine. Even though Mia didn”t like his monkey faces in the cha-cha. I”m telling you, this guy is meant for Broadway revivals, or maybe Kenny Ortega needs to hire him for something, maybe “High School Musical 4.” And, of course, Jose is not fine. Although he doesn”t seem too bothered. But really, he”s got to know this is the end of the road for him.
Next, Adechike and Billy are called to the stage. If one of them has to be in the bottom, I hate to say it, but I think I”d pick Adechike. Billy just had too strong of a night.
Billy is… not safe. Really? Dammit. Adechike is safe.
Not a lot of time to dwell on this turn of events, because Lauren and Robert are called up. Gee, let me guess. Robert is in danger. It”s really too bad, because he also had a pretty great night. But if it”s between him and Lauren, well, she knocked it out of the park. She and Kent need to rule Broadway.
Robert is… not in danger? He looks as shocked as I feel. Holy crap. Really? Lauren is in the bottom? Did I hear that right? Well, Billy and Jose are going home. Nigel didn”t declare Lauren a shoe-in for the finals to send her packing.
Before we see the sad swan dances of death, we”re treated to a preview of “Step Up 3D,” which involves watching a short interview with producer Adam Shankman wearing a ridiculous gold chain around his neck. Oh, Adam, don”t try to be street. You”re so cute in your little vests and ties, don”t hurt us this way.
Then, a routine by the Step Up 3D dancers. Which involves Tony from Season 5 and Lil” C. And a guy who literally can”t stop spinning on his head. It”s a pretty awesome group routine, have to say. It doesn”t make me want to see the movie, which will be weighed down with wooden acting, stupid clichés and some ridiculous excuse for a plot, but I bet the dance scenes will be awesome. Gotta look for those on YouTube eventually.
Then, Christian TV appears to sing “When She Turns 18.” With a herd of female dancers in swim caps and lingerie. Nice ’80s mullet, pal. You know, saying this is Britney Spears” song of the summer isn”t exactly a selling point, if you ask me.
Time to plug National Dance Day. Again. Basically, go out and move your ass on Saturday, in short. Nigel manages to plug the day as well as the tour in one run-on sentence. Good job, Nigel!
Time for the bottom three to dance for their lives.
Nothing new here. Not that it matters, as he”s definitely going home.
And then, it”s time for MORE commercials! Most of which are plugs for cell phone providers and “Dinner for Schmucks.” At this point, I feel like I”ve seen the movie already.
Whoa, he really is dancing for his life here. Again, showing off those lines but this time with a bit of story and attitude we haven”t seen before. And yet, I still think he”s going home.
Another good solo from Lauren, but similar to yesterday”s solo. Doesn”t matter, though. Nigel has anointed her a finalist, and so it shall be.
Allison Iraheta sings “Don”t Waste the Pretty.” Standard blues rock, but with better hair. Honestly, I haven”t heard that addictive song of summer yet, no matter how many times Cat tries to make a case for it.
Time for the final verdict. Nigel says the judges are unanimous, and notes that this is the last time the judges will be making a decision. Thanks for letting us know, because I was starting to think the judges were going to pick right up until the end, what with all the new rules this season.
First, Nigel calls up Jose. And starts complimenting him. Which is always a death sentence. Next, Nigel tells Billy he thinks his androgynous style isn”t connecting with America, but he”s totally going to get work with choreographers and producers who aren”t homophobic. Okay, he doesn”t say that exactly, but it”s implied. And then Nigel says something ridiculous about Billy keeping feet on the floor. Nigel then uses Lauren”s time to complain about voters, and announces she”s staying in the competition. Yeah, didn”t see that coming.
Jose and Billy have to share their exit montage. And a standing ovation from the judges. Billy says he”ll remember the experiences and his friends, and Jose says he”s blessed to have a new family of dancers. It”s somewhat anticlimactic and a little sad, but we”re down to the final four, and you just know the dancing from here to the end will be amaaaazing.
Though I”m a little bummed to see Billy go, he”d had some rough weeks before breaking through, and maybe his having a week of rest (unlike the other dancers) was a bit of an unfair advantage. Still, I”ve got to think Nigel”s right, in that Billy is definitely going to get work from the show. Choreographers who say no to those lines are just crazy. As for Jose, who knows? He needs a lot of training to be anything other than a B-boy. But that said, there”s always “Step Up 4.”
Do you think Billy deserved to go? Who are you rooting for in the finale? And are you moving your ass for National Dance Day?

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